Reaching the Bus Stop

I left my job at Kingston History Centre at the end of April 2017. I’ve now started a PhD researching the nature of the ‘Heritage of Everyday Life’ using bus traveller experience as a ‘case study’ of sorts. I am so amazed where my imagination, and thirst for knowledge, and love for research has taken me to. I am also so grateful to everyone who has found this blog and supported it by reading or supplying their memories.

213 Leaving Cake

I miss my life in Kingston, my friends and my colleagues, and I miss the 213 bus despite not having used it regularly since 2014. But I need to face up to the reality that my project – to complete local history research on each bus stop on the route – is likely never to be completed.


Readers! Would anyone be willing to ‘adopt’ a bus stop and contribute a piece of research or memories to help me complete my work? I have loads of ideas about what might be an interesting research topic. I’m just physically in South Yorkshire and am emotionally not quite up to the task of revisiting my old place of work to do the research.

If you are willing to help, the next stop is Cambridge Avenue and then all subsequent stops to Sutton Garage. Please email me at to ‘Request a stop’ you want to write about.



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