Project Update: Autumn 2016

Dear Readers,

Just wanted to drop a line to say that the format of the blog is going to change a little bit – in an effort to get to the end of the route this side of the 2020s, I’ve decided to write shorter blogs and also not to always update immediately with the fancy graphics and images I like to create. These take a lot of time and also I think some of my blogs have been far too long, and am shocked if anyone is reaching to the end of them.

Hope this makes sense – PLEASE help me with the project – if you’d like to take on a bus stop, I can help you research its history at Kingston History Centre and we can make this a collaborative effort. I’m not even a third of the way to Sutton yet. I think this might be the longest bus journey I’ve ever taken!

All the best, and thanks for reading,




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